New Designees

Congratulations on earning the CPCU® designation

Discover all of the invaluable benefits now available to you through your membership with the CPCU Society, including more than $2,000 worth of technical education resources, engagement with your local chapter and much more. 

New Designees of 2017
(Designation awarded between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017)

  • Rodney Becker Auto-Owners Insurance Co
  • Beth Ciezki Secura Insurance Company
  • Yiling Deng Saint Leo University
  • Josh Hanisko Secura Insurance Company
  • Terri A Hansen Secura Insurance Company
  • Matthew Lyman Secura Insurance Company
  • Tonya Maier Secura Insurance Company
  • Jacob Scidmore Secura Insurance Company
  • Crystal Uebelher Secura Insurance Company
  • Geri Wiegert Sentry Insurance
  • Laurie Zwerg Secura Insurance Company

New Designees of 2016
(Designation awarded between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016)

  • Laurie Albert Society Ins A Mutual Co
  • Colleen Clift Society Ins A Mutual Co
  • Andrew Damos Auto-Owners Insurance Co
  • Terese Derpinghaus Jewelers Mutual
  • Janice Ebben Secura Insurance Company
  • John Gerrits Auto-Owners Insurance Co
  • Chad Giesen Ameriprise Auto & Home Ins
  • Kyle Hackel Jewelers Mutual
  • Corey Heim Ameriprise Auto & Home Ins
  • Grant Hill Secura Insurance Company
  • Michael Judas Society Ins A Mutual Co
  • Jody Kellerman Jewelers Mutual
  • Lori Klotz Integrity Mutual Insurance Co
  • Andrew Kretsch Jewelers Mutual
  • Rick Kriewaldt Ameriprise AH Claims
  • Victoria A Macbride Cincinnati Insurance Co.
  • Sharyl Manteufel Auto-Owners Insurance Co
  • Tyler Marchetti Ameriprise Auto & Home Ins
  • Virginia Maus Jewelers Mutual
  • Brandon Mc Kittrick Secura Insurance Companies
  • Laura A McCarty Society Ins A Mutual Co
  • Paxton L. Moore Wilson Mutual Insurance Co
  • Joseph Mullaney Secura Insurance Company
  • Susan Nickel Society Ins A Mutual Co
  • Matthew Olson Secura Insurance Companies
  • Sheila Palmer Jewelers Mutual Ins. Co.
  • Daniel Peeters Ellington Mutual Ins Co
  • Keith Reyer Cincinnati Insurance Co.
  • Kyle Roberts Auto-Owners Insurance Co
  • Breck Rooney Society Ins A Mutual Co
  • James Russell Western National Mutual
  • Chad Schumacher Ameriprise AH Claims
  • Terri Simonson Ameriprise Auto & Home Ins
  • Scott A Stearns Society Ins A Mutual Co
  • Chad Stevens Farm Bureau of Michigan
  • Cindy Street Jewelers Mutual Ins. Co.
  • Lori Sultze Jewelers Mutual
  • Bruce Urben Hanover Ins Group P&C
  • Carrie Volp Jewelers Mutual
  • Kristy White Auto-Owners Insurance Co