Board Meeting - 08/26/2015

Fri, 09/11/2015 - 09:30
by Mall912

CPCU Board Meeting

August 26 2015

Minutes – Attendees: Phil Biwan, Howard Schwartz, Chad Thurn, Alan Timm, Becky Monfre, Laurie Lamers, Sue Krenz. Dan Kugler attempted to call in, but no conferencing was available.

1. Confirmed Slate of Officers Board Members for 2015 – 2016

                Vote 9/2015                       Induct 11/2015 I Day                      Effect    1/1/2016

President            Howard Schwartz                             replacing              Phil Biwan

Vice President   Becky Monfre                                                                   Howard Schwartz

Treasurer            Laurie Lamers    2nd Yr

Secretary             Chad Thurn         2nd Yr

Past President   Phil Biwan                                                                           Paul Enterline

Board                    Al Timm                2nd Yr

                                Dan Kugler          2nd Yr

                                Lisa Messerschmidt                                                        Sue Krenz

                                Paul Enterline                                                                    continues

2.  Financial Report

                Projection for 2016 was affirmed.

                New Desginee 50% dues charge. National e-mail.

3.  Plans for 2015 – 2016 Events

9/23                 A networking only – no speaker evening event       Becky Monfre & Laurie Lamers

                                Stone Cellar Pizza night. Two drink tickets.

4:00 to 6:30 with food provided near 5:00

New Oct        The UW-O Insurance and Risk Management Club is converting to the Gamma Iota Sigma organization. A “chartering banquet” with RIMS Rick Roberts, President speaking. Will forward any promotional material from Dan Kugler to our members plus Ins Adjusters and Ins Professionals Associations.

11/17               Tuesday is set at Riverview Gardens. Keynote is confirmed as Rebecca Kleefisch, Lt Govenor. Arriving from West Bend, could be a bit late so will hold for post-eating speaking.

                          CEO’s alerted to reserve the date. CPCU Designees alerted to save the date. Assigned Board to Designees include:


Sue K = Anthony Brecunier Secura

Becky = Hugh de la Rosa Secura

Laurie = Tanya Goerg Secura

Becky = Angela Kasper Secura

Phil = Dale Kleffman Mauck Insurance

Sue = Devin O'Brien Secura

Chad = Sean Severson Society Ins

Phil = Matthew Stindt SECURA


                          We began to plan for the event. See below.

12/10               Christmas Wrap for Harbor House lunch at SECURA Insurance.

1/20                 Suess Electronics to talk on automated homes. Confirmed.

3/16                 Steve Stich, Corporate Risk Manager Oshkosh Company. The topic sought would be along the lines of “How has Technology and Automation impacted the workforce.” Dan Kugler will lock this speaker commitment down.

5/18                 Andy Franken, WI Insurance Alliance for traditional Legislative update is confirmed.

These final three events will be at Liberty Hall. Becky to make contact and hold the dates.

Phil to provide wallet size schedules at first meeting.

Website has been updated with dates and tentative topics. Update with final info when ready.

An inventory of past speakers to use for future year planning purposes was reviewed.


4. Mentor Program

Howard Schwartz has agreed to work with Paul Enterline on bringing this program back in Fall.

                Mentors can invite assignees to Pizza Night for no guest fee.

1 new Designee for 2016 season – Paxton Moore of Wilson Mutual.

Monthly lists for potential contacts are available.


5. UW – Oshkosh attend National Convention support & National seminar attendance.

  • Dan Kugler indicated the chapter would not be responsible for costs above the $1000 scholarship. Travel costs were contained by using vehicle transportation. We have budgeted up to $500 for this convention purpose.

  • With Becky Monfre planning to take on the VP role and indication to step up to President down the road. We have budgeted $1000 for that event. Her department budget indicated it would likely pick up higher costs if any.

6.  Follow up:

A visit with Jewelers Scott Murphy, President may be helpful to maintain our strong relationship. Alan will discuss with current manager CPCU’s what interest exists to promote the designation, then plan a joint lunch discussion with Mr. Murphy.


7. I-day planning

  • Speaker, location and dates are set.

  • Board to Designee assignments made. See above. Phil to send the “to do list”.

  • Becky to address the menu similar to 2014. One reserved table for Officers/Lt Governor Keynote and assistant, and Regional Governor Vos.

  • Regional Governor Vos is alerted and will attend.

  • Dan Kugler will need to provide the scholarship honoree and a bio. Dan to provide update on UWO and GIS.

  • Phil to update the Program. Recommend to show all remaining meetings, not just Christmas Wrap event.

  • Howard to provide the name tags

  • Howard/Laurie to look into ordering recognition items and lapel pins for designees.

  • We will have Regional Governor Vos include recognition of the President Scholarship granted by The Institutes to three local honorees.

  • No speaker gifts are needed due to public official status.

  • Phil to seek Post Crescent press release with Lisa M’s assistance for future follow through.

  • Placing an ad in the Big I could be considered. Phil has a request into the WI Big I.

  • All board members will be asked to arrive early for greet and seat when needed.

  • Paul Enterline to provide replica diplomas again. Thanks Paul!




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